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Investing In The Youth

It should be in the country’s interest to develop and make certain that the youth get their chance to create a better future for South Africa. It is unbeknownst to most that our future lies in the hands of the youth, a generation which will have the responsibility to better our country In the long run.

A wise man once said “Give a child a fishing rod and teach him how to fish so that he may feed himself.” Whilst another wise woman once said, “A woman who can work with their hands will never go hungry.”

There has been a great emphasis and movements that focuses on investing in the youth. Strategies and solutions are being highly considered in offering the youth of South Africa a better future by empowering them through education, skills and employment however not ignoring the psychosocial problem of alcohol, substance and drug abuse amongst the South African youth. During the coronavirus world Pandemic, the economy has taken a huge beating but as we have reached level three of the lock down we see promising outcomes mainly directed at youth development.

Below we focus on some of the positive aspects that revolve around investing in the youth.

We see this today. The Youth of South Africa empower themselves through sewing protective face masks. Organisations such as the NYDA are helping young people looking to attain independence by registering and funding small business in varies spheres and Industries such as the textile, culinary and agricultural sectors, whilst the education funding scheme NSFAS continue to fund the studies of young South Africans wishing to pursue a higher education.

Following the current strict restrictions in the selling and use of alcohol and narcotics in the country, this law was put in place to protect young individuals from contracting the corona virus whilst propagating health and wellness for young people struggling with substance and drug addictions. Majority if not all of these substances have negative implications on their lives and overall health.

SANCA national drug rehabilitation and prevention centres have opened their doors to assist and help young people struggling with addiction with the help of the SACAP to promote and spread awareness on issues regarding illnesses such as anxiety and depression faced by south African youth.

Moving forward we can see a huge growth in the usage of digital platforms for young South Africans. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, this new era allows us to work from home and market and sell their merchandise on digital platforms such a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

We are confident that there is a great advantage in investing in the youth. It is imperative for them to form the base of our economic and social development, as they are the future leaders of the country. It is crucially important to restore the dignity and self-worth of the youth by investing in their future through employment, social, psychological growth and empowering them to reach their full potential and becoming active working class citizens in the country.

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