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#JusticeForLindo – A Hashtag That Calls Out For Justice For Those Who Are Affected By Crime

It is on a daily that we hear of someones death in our country, and quite frankly it is common that people die in the hands of men. Everyday women get killed and yet still we as a country haven’t done anything to prevent such occasions from happening again and we only pray the GBV movement grows. Just yesterday twitter was in shock when a friend of Lindo Cele tweeted how his friend was brutally killed in front of his community by Mvuyisi Derrick Noguda.

The incident took place on the 6th February 2020, this is a statement made by Lindo’s friend on Facebook.  Apparently on the 1st January 2020, Lindo attended a small get together with his friends and family at Mam Go’s place. Mam Go has a sister who has recently been raped and yet again no justice was provided for her but what is Shocking is that her rapist was also at the gathering. 

The same man who raped her offered Lindo money in exchange for sex with the girl, Lindo refused and he took the girl to his house to hide her from the man as he was looking for her . The man found out on the 6th of February 2020, that Lindo helped the girl to hide from him and as lindo was going to the local butcher to buy meat for braai, whilst he was waiting for the meat the man brutally attacked him from the behind and stabbed him with a knife. The knife got stuck in his eye then he was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately it was too late as he passed away at the hospital. His friend closed the statement by saying: “Lindo passed away fighting and begging for his life and nobody helped him “ . It’s sad to see that people would rather protect a rapist over a gay child who protected a woman who was raped. The whole community decided to just sit back and watch while Lindo’s life ends.

Twitter took the streets with the #Justice4Lindo and that’s all we are fighting for.

A few tweets from people supporting Lindo.
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