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Lights, Camera, Action! – A Synonymous Phrase That Sparks A Complex Perception Of The Media Industry


Lights, Camera, Action! These are the infamous words synonymous to the media industry as a whole and everyone knows that once these words are uttered, ‘It’s showtime baby’.

Considering the aforementioned, it is only sensible that we break this down to understand the true meaning of it, or whether we have fallen victim to a catch phrase that seemingly portrays a far-fetched dream used to lure in those who desperately seek to be in the spotlight.

Lights – the life and beauty of the set and depending on how they’re set up, you can either be over-exposed or under-exposed. Being over-exposed in the media industry is not a good thing. With the spotlight constantly on you, you quickly learn that being in the limelight can be a dark and lonely place or a happy and colorful set – ask the former South African athletics hero, Oscar Pistorius who sadly had to find out the latter. As you chase the lights of this glamorous industry, remember that the darkness brews and exploits hardest during the brightest light.

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Cameras – the most powerful tool used by photographers and videographers to capture beautiful moments in Real-time. The cameras aperture, shutter speed and ISO forms part of critical synergy of telling a thousand words through one moment. Much like the camera, the media plays an important role of capturing information for us to remain informed about the world we live in.

However, this camera called the ‘media’ can – with ease – dissemble someones career through the trigger of the lens. Many celebrities are now either living with the bullet wounds left by the shots fired by the camera or are now constantly living with the proverbial bullet proof vest because of the fear posed by the camera.

We’ve witnessed many lives being destroyed by this. From the days of the late Whitney Houston and Brenda Fassie, the camera has killed and claimed the lives of many key figures in the media industry, and the cause of death is us not being cognizant of the power posed by the camera. Many of our public figures have suffered from the exploits of the camera’s lens.

Former South African minister, Mr Malusi Gigabas political career suffered a huge knock after something as small as his mobile device was the main reason for his near-downfall experience. Scholars and those who’ve served in this industry for years will testify to the fact that whatever you do, someone is always watching, and in this case, the camera is always rolling!

Action – A verb that triggers movement and progression and we remain conflicted to its actual meaning in this regard.

But to ensure your survival in the industry, one has to have thick skin due to the harsh wrath that may come with being in the industry, and that can be the downfall of your career.

Never let your guard down. Always be armed with knowledge of everything you want to achieve in this media industry. As the global speaker Eric Thomas articulates it: ‘Knowledge is the new money’ and the sooner you are armed with it, the sooner you will conquer the industry. You must always remain truthful to yourself. Many of us think this industry is one glamorous reality show series, but once you go behind the scenes of this show. You realize a lot of the casts are putting on an act for the world. So never be drawn to that because you are authentic.

Lastly, ‘success only comes before work in the dictionary’. Denzel Washington emphasizes this by reiterating that hard work, works and those who succeed in this industry work hard.

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