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Linen Drawer develops a Pure Linen Gown.

The first-off the production floor is a unisex kimono-style washed linen gown

Their linen gowns are pure luxury.  The feel of pure linen against your skin speaks of indulgent living.  Knowing your gown is going to last and is a natural product ensures peace of mind.

Linen is hypo-allergenic and is perfect for our climate, being breathable and cool in summer. Linen is very washable, and easy to iron when slightly damp.  It needs to be washed in very hot water – at least 60⁰C, and preferably dried in natural sunlight.  Linen can be given a light tumble dry.

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Linen plants have a smaller impact on the environment than cotton plants, and the whole production process of linen fabric is less water-hungry than cotton. During processing linen fabric, the whole plant is used – the seeds of the plant product flax-seeds. Linen plants also require far less pesticides and water to grow, making them an ecologically sound choice.

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You could have your gown personalised with your monogram embroidered onto the front chest, or you could satin-stitch your favourite colour around the neck band, or do both! Hemstitching can be added to the gown around the neck band, sleeve hems and pocket hems. 

In fact, when it comes to personalising your gown, look no further than Linen Drawer.  They can help you make those creative ideas come to life.

Of course, these gowns make super gifts.  What better wedding gift than a set of pure linen gowns with the newly-weds’ monograms on the front? Or their nick-names, for a quirky twist? 

By Camilla Swart

Price – Small – R1227; Medium – R1312; Large – R1397; Extra Large – R1482

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