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Locarno Film Festival African/Afro Filmmakers Outreach

Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland is reaching out to African/Afro filmmakers in a bid to further diversify the festival programming and selection. Opportunities are offered to submit content without fees and join the festival competition. 
Locarno Film Festival 101
If you are not too familiar with Locarno Film Festival, please refer to this link to get the history, dates and other relevant information. 
How can you join the outreach campaign/competition?
Waivers for submissions are to be offered under certain requirements, some of which are listed below for short films, however, I will encourage you to email Ms. Charlotte for other format and detailed terms and conditions. 
What are the requirements?
Here are few of the requirements to benefits from the waiver in the short film competition category.

  • Short and medium-length films (up to 59 minutes) of directors that have not made a feature-length film yet for international competition / for Moving Ahead the experimental competition it does not matter if the director has already made a feature.
  • World or International premieres, with a preference for World premieres
  • short films that were completed after September 2019, with a preference for the most recent ones (please note that we accept work in progress versions for the selection phase)
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