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Make Use Of Your Existing Space By Building a Home Office With TJ Roof Rooms.

In this day and age, space is one of the most important things one can have. It allows you the freedom to work, live or entertain yourself freely without the hassle of seeking external space to do work in. We are living in a time of major economic complications where every penny counts, and where discounts and low prices seem like a golden ticket to heaven.

A cheaper alternative to renting out space to do your work would be to find existing space in your house (Whether it’s in the roof or balcony) and curate the space to accommodate your needs. 

Renovations and making use of open spaces and modifying them to your specific needs helps a lot, more especially as it is cost effective compared to renting out space to conduct your business. It’s 2020, and times have changed, and the new normal has been introduced. Part of this is working from the comfort of your own home

TJ Roof rooms, is a new age construction company – though founded in 2005 – based in Durban and Gauteng. The company specialized in modern building methods such as, Steel and timber frame construction and Hybrid home buildings. The company keeps up with the current building trends, introducing them to the South African Market.

When renovating your home, you get to live in your house while the construction process takes place. The construction process is quick with less mess compared to conventional building methods such as Brick and Mortar, taking up to 2 – 3 weeks to build (Depending on the size of the property).

When renovating a home, TJ Roof Rooms uses a combination of eco-friendly building materials such as: Steel and Timber frames and structures. These products are known to be more durable, and reasonably cheaper than the clichéd Brick and Mortar building method, giving you great value for money in these trying times. 

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