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Meropa Donates Water Drums To Disadvantaged Communities

By: Staff Writer

Casino addresses critical water shortages in communities

Three previously disadvantaged communities have received a total of 600 water drums valued at R39 600.00, from Sun International’s Meropa Casino and Entertainment World in Polokwane.

Water to fill the drums will come from boreholes the casino had previously drilled for each community at a total cost of R182 850.00.

The drums will be divided equally between the three recipients with the Morwakola Drop-in Centre in Ga-Mashashane, the Ranoto Drop-in Centre in Mmotong, and the Baswane Drop-in Centre in Ga-Molepo each receiving 200 drums with a carrying capacity of 25 litres.

Made from heavy-duty polyethylene, the drums are extremely durable and will enjoy a long lifespan.

The boreholes and the drums represent a lifeline in Limpopo, a water scarce area that has previously faced threats of a day zero when dam levels dropped to critical levels in parts of the province.

Anyone with piped, running water will battle to appreciate the difficulties faced by these Centres. They are called upon daily to provide fresh water for the needs of the hundreds of families and orphaned and vulnerable children they care for,” said Peter Guthrie, General Manager of Meropa.

The children being cared for by the Centres will now receive fresh water every day, but the water will also be made available to households living in the vicinity of the Centres as they too live in conditions of poverty.

We are so grateful for these gifts from Meropa and for the provision of a borehole already helping families in the Ga-Kgasha village at Ga-Mashashane. This is such a great help. We do not have enough words of gratitude towards Meropa,” said Anna Sema, Project Manager at Morwakola.

Water is essential to life and nobody can survive without it. The drums and boreholes are critical equipment for these struggling communities so we are both pleased and relieved that we could help them,” said Guthrie.

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