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Mbalenhle Mavimbela gives us an insight about Hlomu

It has been weeks since the author of The Wife Dudu Busani-Dube and Showmax announced that they were making a telenovela inspired by Dudu’s bestselling novel Hlomu the Wife.

The country is super excited about the show and the die-hard fans of Hlomu approved of Mbali playing the stunning Hlomu. We got to know how she feels about that,  “honestly I am overwhelmed and did not expect this. I’ve received positive views from people and that’s all I needed. It makes my job easy more than anything, ” she says.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela

We spoke to the rising star Mbalenhle Mavimbela about taking the big role of Hlomu and what to expect of her.

Q. We are all excited about the show, it must have been a dream filming, have you always been a fan of Hlomu The wife book series or it’s something new?

A. I was a fan but not a die-hard because I missed other books but I loved Dudu’s work. When I got a chance to play this role I did not want to mess it up. I remember even my family telling me that. I am living my dream now because I’ve always wanted to play this role.

Q.You are a rising star and people already enjoy seeing you on screen, how do you feel knowing you’ve taken such a big role?

A.I am still trying to process everything, this is what I prayed for. I feel like this is my big break and I will finally have a name in the industry. I love the fact that more producers will see my work and work with me.

Q.Hlomu is the star of the show, everyone is looking forward to seeing her, how was your experience with Hlomu?

A.I was calm, I just wanted to make sure that I do it right. It just sank now that everyone is talking about it.

Q.Do you and Hlomu have any similarities?

A.Oh No! I am Hlomu and Hlomu is me. I am exactly like Hlomu and it’s crazy when I talk about it but I like describing myself like her, strong, wild, stubborn, and sometimes naïve.

Q.The Wife is going to be the biggest show, how does it feel to be part of this great project?

A.I really don’t know, the love alone is just crazy. I hope people enjoy it.

Q.I enjoy watching you on screen and you are exactly what I had imagined Hlomu to be, how did you prepare to play her role?

A.I was everything Hlomu is required to be, I had to do a little job preparing for her and work hard.

Q.You are from KZN, and we are pretty familiar with the Zulu taxi drivers this side. How was the environment filming in taxi rank?

A. It was different on this side, the environment is not the same at all. We have conductors (uscabha) in KZN  who help you get in the taxi carrying your stuff and open the door for when your leave. There is that sense of belonging and I hope that is also being added.

Q.What can people expect? Any surprises from Hlomu or Mbalenhle?

A.People should expect a lot of plots, twists, and lots of surprises. I hope people be patient with us and enjoy the magic we got to make because it’s even much better.

Q.What sort of acting roles will you be seeking in the future?

A.I want international gigs. I want to represent Africa to the world and people to recognize this talented black girl. The Wife is the eighth South African Showmax original released in 2021. Following other record breakers like, the true-crime phenomenon Devilsdorp and Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha’s reality series Uthando Lodumo. As well as critically acclaimed scripted series like DAM, Skemerdans ,Tali’s Baby Diary, the ever-popular reality series like Temptation Island South Africa S1 and Life With Kelly Khumalo S2.

Binge the first three episodes of The Wifefrom 11 November 2021, with three new episodes added every Thursday.

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