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Mla of Panache Boyz Goes Solo And Releases A Banger Single – Mdali ft Ms Twaggy


A corporate by day and a DJ by night.

Hailing from a town in the northern KZN – Vryheid but based in Johannesburg is Mlamuli Mazibuko who goes by the name Mla Panache. Mla is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate that works full time in corporate as a Procurement Specialist but makes music and gets people dancing on the weekends.

“I’ve been in the music making industry for an eon. I started as a campus Radio DJ at UKZN Radio, which was where I learnt how to mix music and baiscally DJ,” he says. Post-graduation, Mla moved to Johannesburg and officially kick-started his career by playing in Clubs around Braamfontein, Melville & Rosebank. “I met a friend, Siya, who was a manager at my residency spot in Braamfontein (Pantsula Bites) and we started Panache Events, which then led to an inception of the Panache Boyz DJ duo,” he says. However, Mla has since gone solo, after many years DJing and making music under the Panache Boyz project.

His recent release is titled: Mdali. An up-tempo sing-a-long urban dance electronic musing ballad about realigning energies to be on one path with the spirit of the Devine Creator. “Mdali features the super talented Miss Twaggy who laces her spellbinding vocals delivered with thrilling ingenuity that melts together wonderfully with this highly fired up beat,” Mla explains. 

Mlamuli Mazibuko

The track has been on the streets for a while now and it’s doing very well according to Mla. “The reception of it was way beyond my expectations. Playlisted with high rotation on numerous Radio & TV stations. Featuring on various Music Charts and making it to the top 20 most played songs on Radio in South Africa according to the Radiomonitor Charts. Most importantly getting a lot of love from everyday people – I’m constantly getting messages from people on how the song inspire and propel them,” adds Mla. 

This talented corporate DJ has also made music with a number of talented artists and producers over the years. “I’ve worked with producers such as DJ Chase, Aliphatik & Poizen of House Victimz. Vocalists such as Cristyle, Charlene Lai, Zothea, Miss Dippy & Bhar.    

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