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Music Review: TNS ‘Madlokovu’

TNS Madlokovu - Picture: Google

Music Review: TNS
Album: Madlokovu
Release date: 2019
Genre: African House

There is a lot of significance behind this whole Album from the tittle, the lyrical content and the amazing artists he featured on the Album . His debut Album “Madlokovu” which is a Ngema clan name is named after his late Grandfather which is very heartwarming and close to his heart so this project was so deep and important to him . Below his tittle Madlokovu it says “King of African house “ which caused a lot havoc online since this was his first work and people haven’t heard it but he later explained this on his interview that since he was doing African house, the songs on his album are King not him.

TNS Madlokovu. Picture: Google

What’s right with it ?
The album was amazing , no skip whatsoever. It was well produced and done amazingly. The album featured some of our favorite musicians like Mpumi, who is also known for her hit song “Umona” which made it to the Top 10 and was dubbed as ‘The song of a year.” He also featured Zanda Zakuzi with her beautiful vocals creating a banger “Whatever”. Before he released the Album he dropped a hit single first featuring the Swati Queen Indlovukazi and made a hit “My Dali” which received quite a hype. Although TNS is very strong on vocals, it is amazing seeing him behind the desk and allowing the artist to do the work and sing for him . A multi-talented Star did another banger Dance Nation with Mpumi and he keeps surprising us on his work.

What’s wrong with it ?
His whole Album has a lot features, this was his debut album and as much as we know he is talented, it would have been amazing to see him doing his songs alone. Although the music video “Umona” hit over 4 + million views on YouTube , it would have been better if he had done more music videos for his other hit songs since they were all amazing .

The album was amazing and a well deserved 4/5 stars. The features and the theme behind his project is very inspiring. He proved that originality is very important. Some songs have a lot of meanings and are a response to some things or some incident that has taken place in his life, it . His lyrical content is easy to relate to and we sure can understand what exactly he was talking about. He took his emotions and put them all in the album and made us dance through it. Although he would have done a lot better by being solo on some singles, the people he featured helped him get a large following and showed his versatility in music and producing. We can now name him as one of the greatest producers in South Africa and we cannot wait until he goes international and showcases his talent to the rest of the world.
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