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Neo Ndawo And Yashna Team Up For Their Annual Project, ‘Chemistry’

Neo Ndawo And Yashna - Chemistry

They say lightening does not strike the same place twice but, in these streets – full of Melodies – it just did.

Durban’s dynamite duo STREET MELODICS-Neo Ndawo (Best Producer-Durban creative Awards 2019) and Yashna (Featured on sketchy Bongo’s hit single “On Fire”) have once again teamed up on their annual project titled Chemistry.

The first project was released on the 14th of February 2019 and it was a 6 track EP that reflects nothing but pure lover’s chemistry.

Chemistry 2 which comes out on Valentine’s day this year reflects more on the ups and downs that comes in a relationship, it moves from the honeymoon phase and it shows just how relationships aren’t all perfect bliss, it shows that there may be struggles that come but if the ‘chemistry’ is constantly rekindled or revisited then everything works out.

The EP has 7 tracks which is one track more than the previous one, a poetic way of showing just how the Duo has grown a step further in their relationship. Songs like Jealous and defensive touches on the real issues that couples go through and one can actually feel the chemistry even in how the duo chose to address the issues.

The project has the perfect balance between your old school RnB meets new school trap soul RnB.

The feel of the EP is a true testimony to how Love is for everyone as it accommodates your Hip Hop, Jazz or just pure RnB fans.

Make sure you bond with your loved one over the smooth sounds of Chemistry 2 this coming 14th of February and follow and interact with the duo on their social Media platforms:

INSTAGRAM: @streetmelodics

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