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Ntate Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa Dies At The Age Of 98

Ntate Credo Mutwa

Another unfortunate incident has been bestowed upon South Africans following the current national crisis. South Africa’s greatest traditional healer, Wisdom Keeper, author and sculptor has unfortunately passed away at the age of 98.

He was known for his most critically acclaimed work, Indaba: My Children – A collection of African folk tales that has – in time – sold over 250 000 copies in SA.

Ntate Credo Mutwa’s Sculptors

Ntate Credo Mutwa was famously known for his wisdom and guidance, his prophecies and experience in the world that we live in. He was a well renowned sculptor, with great abilities to create what he has seen, to teach the new generation on our true path and history.

Ntate Credo Mutwa

South Africa has lost a legend, a wise healer that spent his whole life teaching us the history of our being and way of life. Ntate Credo Mutwa will be dearly missed by the nation.

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