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Our Own Stories Told on Netflix: Blood And Water

Blood and Water

The year started on a high note when we were introduced to our very own second Netflix story Blood and Water. The story is directed by Nosipho Dumisa who did make us all proud by her work starring Ama Qamata.

The series made a global debut on March 20 and in 3 days it was ranked number 1 in South Africa, France, Bahamas, Libya, Jamaica, Trinidad and Kenya. The story is about a young girl who moves to an Elite school hoping to find her long abducted sister when she was a child. The series has many twists as she discovers a lot of things along the way which can break and some make her family.

The series got many praises globally, not only were we happy that it was directed by a black female director but it also starred a black young girl Ama Qamata who did an amazing job telling that story. Many creatives globally praised the series and yes it deserved every single praise because we all loved it and couldn’t wait for more.

Just a few months back the director took on her social media pages that they have been called to make a new season of the show. The whole country was happy and excited, and people across the world celebrated with us. The best part about all of this is that not only did we celebrate this journey but big names such as, Gabrialle Union took to twitter how she’s impatiently waiting for season two with her husband. We couldn’t be more proud about our people telling our stories the best way.

We are looking forward to a new season of blood and water.

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