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Retailer Contributes In Making A Difference For Our Planet!

As more and more consumers are judging brands on their contribution to the environment, the importance of sustainability in the retail industry is rising globally, and is becoming a vital consideration going forward.

Looking after our planet is a necessity now, as we don’t have another home, and it is clear that some businesses are taking their role in this very seriously, and have embraced the change to make a difference.

Springfield Retail Centre and Park Boulevard Centre, are serious about “going green” and are doing their utmost to minimise carbon emission. Initialising their plans in 2019, with the implementation of Water Harvesting Systems installed at each Centre, allowing filtered water to be used for all purposes at the Centre, it’s now time for the second phase of the plans – that of solar power.

Starting off at Springfield Retail Centre, a Solar Energy plan is underway, with panels being installed onto a large section of the roof area, which will result in the Centre being less dependent on Eskom supply.

Although not designed to aid the Centre completely when it comes to load shedding, the Centre’s electrical power supply demand from Eskom will be reduced, not only assisting in taking pressure off the National Grid, but may also be in a position to contribute positively towards it.

In addition to this, a third phase is planned, that will see all light fittings and globes being replaced with LED’s and air-conditioning units, that have exceeded their life-span, being replaced with Inverter Units, which use R410a Gas, which is better at absorbing and releasing heat, making it more energy efficient to use than current units. This initiative will aid in further reducing the Centre’s carbon emissions.

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