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Review: Nissan Leaf – A New Age Car

Technology keeps evolving and it is evident that it is here to stay. The way of life has become a breeze with the new technological trends the market has to offer. We focus mainly on the technological upgrades in the automotive industry, where Electric cars are now the ‘New Normal’, created to reduce carbon footprint and to save the environment from pollution.

Nissan Leaf is the leading environmental friendly family car which is very affordable. The compact EV hatch boasts zero emissions, is 100 % electric and has already earned itself the prestigious world car of the year award back in 2011. The car was introduced to the world at the end of 2010, going on sale in the United States and Japan. The sale has now expanded to 13 more countries and South Africa to be soon added on the list. This is the fastest car and best car to ever try and use.

Engine specs

Under the flood-boards you will find a front mounted electric motor, powered by an advanced lithium ion battery. This electric motor also ensures less vibration and engine noise than you’d find in a petrol or diesel driven vehicle.


The battery can be charged at any time but it does not need to be completely drained. This means that you’ll have to calculate the distance you will travel which is almost in impossible but not doing that may get you in danger especially if you don’t know the place you are going to. The leaf can be plugged in to a regular 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt outlet, but the charging times vary dramatically between the two. A DC fast charging connection is optional on S models and standard on SV, SL, and all plus trims. The standard Leaf models all come with a 40-kWh battery which provides a relatively limited range of 150 miles.


The insurance institute for highway safety has only partially completed testing of the leaf, but so far it’s earning scores of good in that agency’s moderate-overlap and side impact crash test. The car has been driven for years and so far it been good and received only great reviews.

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