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SA DJs Black Coffee & Euphonik Open ‘Yawa’ Pop-Up Clothing Store

South Africa’s most loved DJs, Black Coffee and Euphonk, have embarked on a new business venture, creating a new pop-up clothing store ‘Yawa’. The clothing store is set to be an infusion of art, fashion and music.

DJ Black Coffee – PICTURE: Google

Its 2020, a new decade, and we were taking in awe when we learned about their new venture. “Ntwana Euphonik, here’s to a decade of making a Billi and you getting your private jet … from my thoughts and wishes to God’s ears” wrote Black Coffee to Euphonik

Ntwana @euphonik Here’s to a decade of making a Billi and you getting your private Jet…..from my thoughts and wishes to God’s ears🥂🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿— Black Coffee (@RealBlackCoffee) January 3, 2020

DJ Euphonik – PICTURE: Google

They have also announced that they had launched Yawa in Cape Town.  

Black Coffee shared his enthusiasm and excitement over their latest project, he posted pictures of a Yawa truck at the V&A Waterfront.

“Delivered and ready #Yawa. Spending a day at the V&A Waterfront today at the launch of our pop-up store spinning some tunes with Themba.” wrote Black Coffee.

Delivered and ready #Yawa
Spending a day at the @VandAWaterfront today at the launch of our pop up store spinning some tunes with @itsThemba— Black Coffee (@RealBlackCoffee) January 4, 2020

The store’s official Instagram page stated that Yawa aims to create an experiential space, both real-world and digital, where art, music and fashion come together.

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