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Somizi: “I Refuse To Be Bullied By The Media”

Social Media went crazy in the past couple of days when TV Personality, Somizi Mhlongo went all “gaga” on a journalist, who apparantly whote a false story on him and his husband, Mohale.

The online scramble started when Somizi posted a screenshot of his conversation with the journalist, asking him about his husbands alleged cheating rumors and if they are splitting. Somizi posted the screenshot of the conversation with the journalists, with their numbers publicly visible.

The online community did not take this well, and went on to bash Somizi, saying that posting the journalists numbers was uncalled for and should apologize about it.

Yesterday, Somizi took to his Instagram live to express his dismay on the media for ‘being bullies’. On the video Somizi stated that he does not owe anyone an apology, more especially someone who wrote a false story without credibility or evidence to support the claims made against Somizi.

“As long as you’ve got facts, Im ok with it. I am in the show business, I am a public figure, I am ok with that, but i have a problem with Journalists who think that they can just write anything and everything, even though it is is not factual,” said Somizi.

He continued to emphasize that He is NOT apologizing for what he has done.

Other Celebrities went onto his comments to commend his for this expression, saying that he has spoken for so many other public figures who have been devoured by the media in the past and could not do anything about it.

See videos below:

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