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Founder Of Squared Roots, Aphelele Nkabinde

Squared Roots Brand Owner Set To Take His Brand to A Whole New Level In 2020

This 22 year old, young man is from Bergville and is grabbing with both hands all the opportunities that life is presenting too him. The fact that he is born and bred in a small and heavily under developed town did not deter him from going after his goals and stopping at nothing to see them through. As he has solely managed to get a clothing brand off the ground and generating profit. Plus, “I just completed my internship training at the Okhahlamba Local Municipality,” he says.
Squared Roots Clothing

Aphelele recently completed a three year Civil Project Management Diploma from Damelin in the Durban City Campus. With a qualification of this nature, one can pursue a career in tenderpreneurship, and in any industry that requires one to apply knowledge, skills and techniques to plan and execute projects effectively and efficiently for both general and specialized industries. “Studying project management is a real beneficiary to my clothing business as it helps me plan, execute and manage within budget,” he says.

Aphelele Nkabinde

As briefly mentioned before, school is not the only thing that this lad has been up to; he is also the founder and CEO of a clothing brand called ‘Squared_Roots_Clothing’. “Our products are manufactured by independent contractors, worn for casual or leisure purposes and we also market products designed for kids.”
Squared Roots Advert.

Aphelele soon learnt that being your own boss calls for a lot of discipline he says, as he works for 8 hours everyday; buying stock, branding merchandise, attending to the customer orders and he wouldn’t have it any other way, he fesses. “I chose to venture into fashion because I have a passion for designing and bringing my ideas to life. I believe that clothing unites us all as a nation and it’s another form of communication. “You feel good, you look good,” he said.

Squared Roots T-Shirts

In the future, Aphelele sees his clothing brand moving up the ranks and being able to sell their products through retail stores and online shopping outlets. “The dream is to own a shop, creating employment and take over nationally and in due cause blowing up internationally too,” says this young man.

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