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Sureswipe WeThinkCode - Johannesburg Intern

Sureswipe Announces WeThinkCode Internship Programme

As the world continuously moves towards the reality of what Fourth Industrial Revolution will offer, it is necessary that corporates and industry leaders do their part to give back to society and develop careers in technology. Sureswipe is one such organisation that invests in the youth of South Africa and the drive towards developing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) careers in the country. Recently they announced an internship programme in partnership with WeThinkCode_, a non-profit organisation that aims to close the digital skills gap in Africa together with the support of public and private partnerships.

Sureswipe WeThinkCode – Cape Town Intern

By placing two interns within their organisation for a period of four months (over two years) in the Sureswipe Johannesburg and Cape Town offices, each student can attain a more hands on experience while completing their programme. This not only teaches them real-life practical skills, but they get to work on meaningful projects and see the impact of their work on the business. 

“Sureswipe celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2018 and we decided that to highlight the occasion we would look at ways to give back to the community. We are incredibly passionate about independent retailers and the success of their businesses, so why not focus on young talent who are aligned to our vision – and help nurture them to achieve their goals? Sureswipe is a huge champion of SMEs in South Africa and has always believed in the power of partnerships. One of the ways that we aim to make an ongoing impact is through bridging the gap of education in this country – and empowering young people so that they have an equal chance to land high-quality employment opportunities,” says Richard Flack, MD of Sureswipe. 

Sureswipe WeThinkCode

“WeThinkCode_ prepares young people who have no prior coding experience with the technical skills they need to secure roles as full time developers in an industry desperately short of skills and a country with a chronic youth unemployment problem. This is only possible with the continued support of forward thinking companies like Sureswipe, who not only fund the education of these young people, but also invest time in the process of up-skilling them” says Dylan Richts, Head of Partnerships at WeThinkCode_.”

Richard Flack Sureswipe

These are some of the very reasons that encouraged us to become involved in this programme,” says Flack. “We believe in fostering a love for STEM studies among our future technology and business leaders, which will ultimately create a stronger and happier nation,”’ says Flack.

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