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Takalani Seasame Back On Screens

The new season of the children’s educational TV series will launch on Monday 7 June, focusing on ubuntu, diversity and inclusion brought to life through the themes of Everyone is Welcome on Takalani Sesame and Celebrating that Everyone is Special in Their Own Ways.

The show will play on SABC 2 at 3: 30 pm with new episodes and all-new adventures full of playful learning with familiar friends of the show, Elmo, Zuzu, Moshe, Zikwe and Kami. Takalani Sesame has recently received an award for Best Children’s Programme by the SAFTAs, they have been helping children across South Africa grow smarter, stronger, and kinder by educating and entertaining them for 21 years.

The colourful and fun-loving Muppets will combine humour, music, adventure, action, and culturally relevant stories to engage and educate the young viewers while at the same time promoting behaivour that will make the viewers smarter, stronger, and kinder. With the focus being on ubuntu, diversity and inclusion, the new season will deliver the message of Umntu ngumntu ngabantu- I am because we are-by showing appreciation that every one of us is unique and special.

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“During a year when many children have experienced disruptions to their education, Takalani Sesame has a critical role to play in making sure young children across South Africa continue to have the early learning opportunities they need. In the new season, the beloved Muppets of Takalani Sesame will harness the power of learning through play to celebrate what makes us all unique and special-helping children to develop the cognitive, creative, physical, and socio-emotional skills they need to succeed in school and life,” said Innocent Nkata, Managing Director of Sesame Workshop South Africa.

Takalani Sesame is made possible with support from Sanlam and LEGO Foundation, long-time partners committed to bringing early education to children across South Africa.

“Takalani Sesame remains a significant educational programme for millions of children in South Africa, and it is one with playful learning at its core. Play is an essential part of a child’s healthy development, and we are proud to partner with Sesame Workshop to help children across South Africa grow into vibrant lifelong learners,” said Kerry Kassen LEGO Foundation Initiatives Lead for South Africa.

For all new episodes, do tune in to season 12 of Takalani Sesame, Monday to Friday at 3:30 pm on SABC 2, the episode will be broadcast in five different South African languages.

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