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The C.A.V.E – An Initiative That Aims To Cultivate The Culture Of Entrepreneurship

Lwazi Maphosa

Lwazi Maphosa – A 21 year-old young aspiring entrepreneur from Bergville, KZN. Because of his studies he currently resides in the city of Durban. He is doing his 3rd year in Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Lwazi is the project manager of ‘The C.A.V.E’ – An initiative formed in February 2019 with aims to cultivate the culture of entrepreneurship and also to empower student entrepreneurs in and around KZN.

The C.A.V.E is a self-funding movement that was formed under the umbrellas of Enactus, Denim Friday’s and the UKZN College of Law and Management Studies. C.A.V.E is an acronym for Creative, Accelerator, Vibrant, Entrepreneurial.

The mission is to organise and share the best resources and information which can be used as an aid to develop the skills of student entrepreneurs and contribute to the growth of their businesses. They organise digital content classes and hold business exhibition festivals.

The C.A.V.E

The organisation has initiated collaborations between student entrepreneurs, artpreneurs, facilitators and mentors also by partnering with companies such as silicon Durbs they have created bridges between the university and the business industry this will help support the students with adjusting to the external business world once they leave the institution. They accelerate in collaborating education and entertainment.

Seeing that the project lacked funds to enable it to execute its objectives, Lwazi then founded a business called Umkalo, where they sell branded Yobo\Mkopo (snacks mostly common in the townships) which were sold in junior and high school. The implied intangible and valuable proposition is the nostalgic feeling it brings to the youth who are the main target market.

They sold more than 350 units in a space of less than 10 days of offering the products on campus which is a clear indication of the potential the fundraising business will have.

Lwazi’s father was an entrepreneur who owned 3 spaza shops and 2 bottle stores and this made Lwazi to be always exposed to the entrepreneurial life. As a young boy he used to work there do stock taking and balancing of accounts every second Friday of the month with his father, he believes this is what gave birth to his love for economics and finance.

Lwazi Maphosa

He is involved in many other entrepreneurial ventures and sees himself being one of the young greatest entrepreneurs that will “inspire people through action”, he aims to be in the Forbes Africa 30 and under 30 list.

To get to know and support Lwazi follow him on his social media platforms:

Lwazi Maphosa

INSTAGRAM: @the_c.a.v.e and FACEBOOK: @the_c.a.v.e

Insta: @umfana_wasemazweni, Facebook: Phakama Lwazi Maphosa, LinkedIn: Phakama Lwazi Maphosa

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