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The Journey From Miss To Mrs…What To Know and What To Avoid

The journey to being a Mrs is one that needs to be prepared for… be it emotionally, spiritually, financially or physically.  Great relationships aren’t discovered; they are created and anyone with enough motivation and the willingness to do the work that is required, can achieve this. A great relationship often elevates to a great marriage even with its challenges, what is required is the development of certain traits and skills and the motivation necessary to accomplish that.

Preparation for marriage is very crucial. It’s not only about preparing for your wedding day but preparing yourself for a lifetime partnership with your spouse, through thick and thin, for better or worse. This is the work of a lifetime and can mostly be like “on-the-job training.”

As a woman taking on and preparing for this journey, it is very important to not only prepare yourself physically and emotionally but most importantly financially too. Often, women go into marriages dependent on their husbands for financial support and provision. For example, life can throw you lemons and your husband may lose a job, or his income… as the wife, being able to stand on both feet and carry your family through these financial challenges will be key, and this takes proper planning.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • As uncomfortable as some of us are with discussing finances, you need to be clear on how you view money with your partner. Have an honest and transparent discussion about your money situation.
  • Consider opening a savings account for an emergency fund. Deposit money into it every month without fail. This will come in handy during challenges.
  • Determine what your financial goals are. These could be to save for a house, to spend on fancy electronics, to take luxury vacations each year. Start putting away money now for the future.
  • Be realistic about your debts and work on a plan to pay them off – especially before you tie the knot – if possible.
  • Ensure you and your spouse know each other’s credit records. Credit scores determine everything from home loans to credit card annual percentage rates and insurance premiums, it’s important to know just how creditworthy you and your partner are.
  • Finally, … try to always have a ‘safety net’ for emergencies. As a woman, this is very key.

Marriage is a beautiful institution when two people come together with one vision and goal. Everything works out for the better with the two are in-sync. Prepare yourself as the journey is not always easy but worth it.

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