The Mastermind Behind The Brand That Does Justice To Other Brands

He was born in Eskhawini and raised in Durban and his name is Sandile Lukhele. This 26 year old, is the founder and director of Artisticsoul, a design and marketing agency which he started in 2015. “Growing up, i was exposed to a lot of different worlds. I come from a very cultural background, where i constantly found myself in the midst of western culture and often having to fight the battle of fitting in,” he says. That is where he says he learnt the importance of individuality – which has helped him to get to where he is today.

“You learn to master doing your own thing,”

Womanity Magazine Design

The term he uses to describe his company that is based in durban – is the term ‘creative solutionist’ which is what the agency is basically about. “the art of design and marketing is what i do every day at the office,” he says. ignite young minds is also one of artistic souls client, designed and branded by sandile himself. since he is still a team of just one, it means he is the jack of all trades in the company, “i move from admin executive to sales representative to designer to creative director to basically everything,” he admits.

Sandile studied a 3 year marketing management course at the institute of marketing management in durban, where he was the only one who graduated in record time in the class of 2013. and now, he is pursuing a degree in marketing in management.

Branding and Design

With the type of qualification Sandile possess, you can do a variety of things, “start your own country like me,” says Sandile. Or you can freelance in consulting, work in sales, strategic marketing, account management, event management or even in digital marketing.

Confessing that he’s always been a creative soul – which was exactly what fueled his career choices. “Honestly, design chose me. I chose Marketing.” The company he worked for in 2014 introduced him to the art of design, “during my time there, I taught myself how to use design programs such as Coral Draw and Adobe Creatives Suite.” It was then, where he realized he was good at this thing and the recognition he got was also overwhelming – that was all he needed to start his own company after a long time of job hunting without any luck.. Since then my company has been growing from strength to strength, with many victories and failures which is all part and parcel of learning, freedom and opportunities.

“I couldn’t sit and wait for someone to employ me, while I knew I had the skills”

Sandile sees himself as one of the forces that promote creative corporate entrepreneurs. He wants to fuse business, art and creativity to make a living and inspire others with their purpose and explore the messages behind their art.

Zinhlezonke Zikalala

I am a Journalist by profession, Marketing Officer by curiosity. I have worked across big brand magazines/publications for the past 3 years. My expertise also extend to TV production and social media management for brands.

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