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The Mastermind Behind The POHO Brand aka ‘iLacoste Yase Kasi’


Zamani Gumede is proof that our professions are not entirely and limited to the academic qualifications we hold, but they are more than anything, what is in our hearts. This 21 year old from Enseleni in Richards Bay has defied a lot of odds in order to follow his dreams. As we all know, success is easier to attain when effort is directed to where the heart is than where other factors motivate. This is also the very reason why money is no longer the measure of success but just the cherry on top. The best way to quantify success is through the fulfillment a certain activity brings about. Professionally, Zamani was furnished with a 2-year learnership opportunity at Gear House South Africa, a Live Events Operation School. For a year he was hard at work undertaking courses such as Lighting Operation, Sound engineering and Audio Visual.

Zamani was very keen on excelling in his studies and he embodied a great sense of ownership of the goals and vision he upheld. However, this did not last, because he didn’t have sponsorship to support his academics. Financial difficulty struck on his second and last year – leading him to drop out. This was, as it may seem, a major setback in his life, but it never really drained him of hope. He neither gave up on life nor on his dreams, as would many but he wanted to raise the bar for South African youth, a beat these odds.

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People young and old, were making power moves in life just by finding their truth and calling and Zamani was going to be one of these people. He soon found his calling in the fashion and design industry with POHO.

POHO Sneaker Range

He decided to take a leap of faith and pursue a career in fashion and design. He identified a potential in this to achieve everything he has ever wanted, which was to leave a legacy and make memories. According to Zamani, “Limits only exist in the mind”. The decision to become an entrepreneur came with specifically two motivations, first, to solve a problem and secondly, to be unique at all times. He intends his clothing line to portray so much uniqueness in such a way as to cater for diverse kinds of social groups and that’s how POHO was born.

POHO is a clothing line that Zamani owns. POHO means bull in SeSotho, which adds an African identity to the brand that is committed to producing and delivering real quality. “POHO is more than a brand; it is a lifestyle with a role to elevate the mindset of African youth who are well driven and hungry for success. POHO clothing mainly focuses on product design than on the actual production process. The designs are forwarded to a clothing factory that produces the apparel on desirable fabric ensuring quality and a long-lasting product,” says Zamani.

Zamani’s role in the business is to handle sales, designs and operations as well as book-keeping. His typical day at work will involve him making deliveries, doing some admin work and also making designs. It is his duty also to ensure that the true inspiration behind the brand is preserved. POHO has specific designs that set them apart from their competitors, which represent the indigenous colours of Africa. The bull symbolises the strength of Ubuntu and the red mark on it gives clarity that even though we are different in skin colour or looks but we all have the same blood and that make us one nation.

The young man has future aspirations to grow as an entrepreneur and to absorb as much as he can in the fashion industry. He sees himself growing the business in such a way that in the next 5 years it is able to offer marketing, photography and Human Resource internship opportunities to graduates.

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