The Unstable Value of Property In These Trying Times: A Chat With Kagiso Masela

It has become evident that young South Africans are now familiarising themselves with the property and real estate sectors. We had a chat with Kagiso Masela, telling us more on Real Estate as an Agent.

Kagiso was born into a family of 4 which was his parents, himself and his older brother who currently resides in London. “We all used to live in a shack in a township called Mamelodi in East Pretoria and from there we all moved into another single room (car garage) and with all the struggles of not having a house to call home,” he said. He continued to tell us that the desire to make my family’s dreams come true grew by day, and that’s when he told himself that one day he will buy a house and call it home. That dream came true for him and his family and with that he was also fascinated by Real Estate because he saw how property made an impact on people’s lives allowing you to create wealth and investments from it.

He also mentioned that he started practising Real Estate only this year though he had residential Developments property experience from a banking perspective.

The Pandemic has effected a lot of businesses, the current economy has been hit hard and that means the property value will also be effected. “Market shares have been reduced for most property companies, with stricter lending conditions,” he tells us. “I equally think this is the time and an opportunity for most companies to refine and re-model themselves. Property and more so residential property will always remain a basic necessity for our people and the need and demand will always be there,” he continued.

“Sales took a plunge in the early weeks of lockdown, however we are seeing some positive changes in the market, I must say consumers on the other hand also spoilt for choice with most properties becoming available on the market, so this is definitely the right time if you are financially ready to purchase your dream home” he says.

He elaborated more on the value of property and investment. He told us that in order for him to succeed in the business, he needs to stand out from the rest. Kagiso tells us the top three things that separate him for the competition:

  • Individually tailored service for buyers and sellers.
  • The use of technology especially now during the pandemic and into the future.
  • Being part of an agency where a client is everyone’s client, they get the job done.

He concluded by giving a share of advice for those trying to get into the same industry, “It’s a beautiful rewarding industry however you must equally be willing to serve. No amount of money beats seeing a client happy. For those looking to sell, Property professionals like myself are available to assist, package and sell your property to suitable buyers and lastly for those looking to buy, remember to buy what you can afford and always keep your credit profiles good standing” he stated.

You can get in touch with him on Instagram @km_therealtor.

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