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Tv personality, Moshe Ndiki launches new spice range.



Moshe Ndiki

You have seen him on your screens, but he has also decided to venture into the food industry. On Wednesday,13th April 2020, Moshe Ndiki took it to the streets of Instagram that he has launched his new spice brand, Moshe’s Kitchen. The spice range resulted from Moshe’s five-year journey with food, it was first established as a catering company after his post grad qualification, basically a hustle that has led him into entrepreneurship today.

We all know that Moshe loves to cook, he often shares pictures of food he has prepared on his Instagram page. Moshe says that his calling has always been in the food industry, “I remember sitting and thinking to myself about five years ago, what can I do to honour my mother, honour the memories we shared with my aunts, uncles and cousins around the dinner table, the passion to serve the ones we love. That’s when I discovered the art of spices, flexible and versatile, a wonder of creativity, the one thing that makes a dish extraordinary and this was the birth of Moshe’s Kitchen.”

The new spice range includes popular flavours that South Africans love-chicken spice, BBQ, braai grill, paprika, steak& chops, curry spice and five others, which have all been mixed to perfection that will take any meal from ordinary to extraordinary. The new range of spices will be known for delivering strong taste & flavours that are within your budget. The spices are MSG free, halal and vegan friendly, the low-cost quality spice products are designed for local South African food industry, supported, and approved by local chefs.

Moshe’s Kitchen Spice Range

If you love trying out new dishes visit Moshe’s Kitchen on Instagram for inspiration. The spices are still available for purchase at limited stores including Radiokop spar, Court Superspar, Kingfisher spar, Four ways, Lyndhurst Superspar Midrand Superspar, Spar A1 Bazaar CC Idutywa, Empumalanga Idutywa store and Key spirit trading as Jimmy’s Superspar.

If you are far from these shops, you may order Moshe’s Chicken spices by sending an email to: but more stores are still going to sell the spice range.

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