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TV Review: Blood and Water Season 2

Reaction Video by Fundisani: Blood and Water S2


Series: Blood and Water

Genre: Drama

Staring: Ama Qamata, khosi Ngema, Natasha Thahane, Cindy Thando, Leroy, Arron, Dillon, and Thabanga Molina.

Year: 2021

The first season ended on an epic cliffhanger, we were all left in suspense on what exactly what to expect from the show in its new season. Blood & Water season 2 not only sees the original cast returning but also gave us extra vibes and kept us within our feels with the scholars of Parkhurst College and their scandalous behaviors. Watching season two was a rollercoaster, you cry, laugh, be sad, and happy at the same time but most of all, this season kept us on our toes and we have to give it up to the writers, the plot had us all in suspense.

The Plot

Surprises, secrets, and risks. The surprise we all got from this season was not only Fikile’s father’s innocence but we also learned about who was Fikile’s biological father. It isn’t surprising that Puleng and Fikile are sisters because we followed Pulengs’ journey with all the leads she had acquired. The plots following these leads came with so many secrets that were going to ruin everyone’s lives.

Neither KB’s parents, Fikile’s parents, Puleng’s parents, nor Sam was safe. It was a shocking revelation when we learned of Sam’s biological parents though we all had one question, “Does he also have a motive? Should Fikile trust him?”

What’s right about it?

This whole show was beautiful; from the solid storyline to the relatable music for the background. Not to mention the cast who were evidently dedicated to their craft and profession, portraying every single emotion there is to make the story come to life and make sense.  One thing we admired about the second season, was the constant use of vernacular language, which makes it more relatable to a new and different audience.

We got to experience a different side from all the characters compared to their original personas on the first season. The use of vernacular language saw the show getting recognized by those who cannot understand the English language. We were also taken on a virtual sightseeing of Cape Town with the places they visited featured on the show. This shows the beauty of our country, putting it on the international map of amazing places to visit. The change of scenery came with a whole new character persona from each cast member, proving that one’s surroundings play a pivotal role in influencing their behaviors and or energies vibrating on a low frequency. They allowed us to experience that!


What’s wrong with it?

There aren’t many words to criticize the show, we could only hope for more episodes. Some characters were interesting and we were once again left hanging with their storyline. Zama brings comedy to the show and we heard her mention her parents in passing and noticed there was something deeper to that. It would be great to see her character development.

This was a jaw dropping show. Loved every second of it, this was the best season so fast and have made a lot of improvements. That is one beautiful thing to witness and it shows how much the entertainment industry really cares about the talent of the upcoming stars. One thing about the show that is inspiring is that they always recruit new and fresh talent to join the show.

Rating: 5 stars.

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