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Walk the Journey of Hope with OneSpark this Heritage Month

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

It’s a sad statistic, but over a quarter of a million children in South Africa state that they cannot attend
school because they don’t have access to necessities. With over two thirds of school children in South Africa walking to school, school shoes are deemed a necessity and by ensuring that all learners have access to a pair of shoes can make a significant difference in removing barriers to obtaining an education.

To do their part this heritage month and to create a country we can all continue to be proud of OneSpark – a globally backed InsurTech that’s shaking up the insurance industry – has partnered with Bathu shoes – one of South Africa’s leading local sneaker brand. Together they are hoping to donate hundreds of pairs of school shoes to the beneficiaries of Nokuphila School, an initiative of The Love Trust, ensuring that students from the vulnerable community of Thembisa are given equal opportunity to succeed. “This heritage month, where we celebrate our beautiful country and incredible people, we want to do our part to unlock the boundless potential our country has. We’re doing this by donating school shoes to those children who need them, ensuring that no child has any barriers or obstacles to obtaining an education. That’s why we’re supporting this initiative, and that’s why we started OneSpark.

We want to give all South Africans, particularly our youth and future leaders equal opportunity to succeed. Our University Wallet Plan, for example, was designed to do just this. It protects a child’s education if something happens to their parent, and if not, it provides a R250 000 cashback which they can use to help pay for their university education. To rise as a country, we must rise together and lift those who can’t do it for themselves. We urge all South Africans to get involved, to donate, and to ensure that no child is prevented from obtaining an education because of lack of access to basic essentials,” says Josh Kaplan – founder and joint CEO of OneSpark. The Bathu story is more than just a story of sneakers. It’s a story of owning your destiny, of staying true to who you are, of perseverance, of following your dreams and doing something you are passionate about. It’s a story of walking your journey. The founder, Theo Baloyi’s story is one worth hearing as it motivates you to work hard and believe in yourself throughout all the obstacles and challenges that you may encounter. He started the company based on helping and upskilling thousands of South Africans, giving job opportunities.

The Love Trust , a South African not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009 is committed to deliver
excellent quality education and social care to vulnerable children. Themba Temba, principal of
Nokuphila Primary School, says: “Nokuphila Schools are thrilled to be chosen by OneSpark Insurance
and Bathu Shoes for the generous donation of school shoes for our learners. Many of our students
take to the roads and public transport to make their way to school daily. A good pair of comfortable
shoes to guide little feet on their journey, not only sees to their safety but to their path of success as
well. I support the call for other individuals and donors to get involved and help drive our ambitious
goal of fitting all 387 learners with new shoes. The kindness shown by these two organisations and
the other donors will live in the memory of both our learners and their parents for a lifetime!”

If you would like to donate or contribute to our cause this heritage month, please see below details.
Every little bit helps. We rise by lifting others. We rise together.
Visit for more information.

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