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[WATCH] #WomanArePower Doni Sithole – Senior Silviculture Forester At Mondi SA

Doni’s day-to-day role as a Senior Silviculture Forester involve anything from financial, health and safety compliance, corporate governance and compliance with FSC, ISO and NOSA certification requirements, to overseeing operational performance and silviculture contractors. She is also responsible for the integrity of the compartments’ information database, fire protection and security management.

“As a senior forester, I compile and ensure adherence to the annual plan of operations, encouraging continuous improvement and the development of the staff reporting to me. Stakeholder engagement is an on-going activity and sees me liaise with communities, local authorities and other interested stakeholders,” she told us.

Doni Sithole – Senior Silviculture Forester At Mondi SA on Viloud

“The reason I am so passionate about forestry is that it is not stagnant — every day comes with exciting challenges and we have to adapt and devise solutions to resolve some unique and complex issues. Providing sustainable forest products for the public is gratifying and my proudest accomplishment. This aspect is so fulfilling and makes me love my job more every day,” she elaborated.

Forestry is like any other profession; one needs to adopt a good work ethic and be willing to deliver like anybody else. She continued to tell us that her future aspirations are for personal development to enable her growth in the industry. she firmly believe, women can do any job they aspire to do.

A true power house. #WomenArePower

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