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[WATCH] #WomenArePower Cindi Cloete – Group CFO At MTO Group

Cindi’s job primarily focuses on leading the planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities for the MTO Group (forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, training end ecotourism). “I partner with the CEO to formulate the strategic objectives of the Group, manage the liquidity of the Group and ensure Corporate Governance structures are in place to minimise risk,” she said.

To many when we think of forestry the first thing that comes to mind is lush greenery and plantations, but it’s so much more than that. “Being part of the EXCO, I have line of sight of everything happening across the Group. While forestry has its unique challenges such as the real threat of fires which we always need to be prepared for from an ops and financial aspect, it is also a gateway to unlock countless opportunities provided one manages resources responsibly,” she stated.

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“At MTO we constantly look at how we can unlock opportunities through adapting/diversifying operations for maximum efficiencies, driving economic transformation initiatives in communities where we operate, and best utilising the resources we have for continued sustainability. That being said there is never a dull moment,” she continued. “Additionally, as we have such a wide stakeholder network, working in the forestry sector affords me the opportunity to diversify and be more involved in aspects of the business that is not necessarily finance-focused. It is a continuous learning experience,” said Cindi.

While at times it’s a challenging environment, it is also rewarding. We are seeing more and more women starting to enter the industry, which was historically known as a male-dominated field, so it’s becoming more diverse with a lot of potential for learning and growth.

Power to you Cindi. we wish you all the best in all that you do. Keep inspiring young women to do great. YOU ARE POWER!


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