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[WATCH] #WomenArePower – Sekela Lisa Mgcotyelwa: Co-Founder Of ‘The Amazi Group’

Lisa is a social entrepreneur. Her purpose is to change the landscape of the health and beauty industry by championing the economic inclusion of women.

She is currently the Co-Founder and COO of The AMAZI Group of companies that create access to knowledge, tools and opportunities for women of colour to unlock their potential and progress to positions of ownership within the wellness industry. She believes that acquiring skills alone guarantee economic inclusivity, it is through engagement, education and deliberate investment in ourselves and other women of colour that contributes to economic growth.

Sekela Lisa Mgcotyelwa – Co-Founder/COO at The Amazi Group on Viloud

She is a multifaceted talent with over 17 years in the Beauty industry specializing in personal transformation of women through the AMAZI Academy. She believes in designing impactful curriculum that allow women to address their limiting self-beliefs and patterns that become barriers to achieving economic freedom. Her mentorship philosophy has seen over 100 women transform their lives and build sustainable income opportunities within the Beauty Industry.

A Somatologist by profession, Lisa began her career as a Beauty Therapist and Spa Operations Manager in Five Star Hotel Spas. She then moved into the Training and Education sector acquiring her SETA accreditation in Facilitation, Assessors and Content Development.

She is an alumnae of the UCT Graduate School of Business. She is currently embarking on a journey to complete her registration with the South African Career Development Association.

Lisa is a multi-talented woman, who makes it her number one priority to make her mark. We are truly inspired by a hardworking woman in this day, and hope her story inspires many young girls and women to become great, take risks and become the best version of themselves. 


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