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[WATCH] #WomenArePower: Nontokozo Keswa – Founder And Owner At Lakeswa

Nontokozo Keswa is an Accounting graduate with over 15 years of experience in the accounting, budgeting, financial and business management fields of which 9 was obtained holding management positions in the public sector and 6 has been obtained while running her own business. She also has vast experience working with small businesses and youth in KwaZulu-Natal.

She has helped plenty of people to start and build sustainable businesses with limited resources. LaKeswa offers small business consulting with clients that vary from those that do business with the government to those in commercial farming, detergent manufacturing, peanut butter manufacturing, gardening services, catering, hiring of equipment and security services. LaKeswa’s client base is made up of Private Companies, NPOs and Cooperatives.

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LaKeswa has also successfully co- ordinated small business and skills development seminars in partnership with W&RSETA (2017). Ms Keswa also has training and lecturing experience which she obtained while working as a Business Studies Lecturer at Emnambithi TVET College and as a training facilitator for the Wholesale and Retail SETA (W&RSETA). Having successfully hosted SMME Development seminars in partnership with W&RSETA, Ms Keswa would like to continue conducting such seminars as it allows entrepreneurs to learn while engaging with other entrepreneurs. Having seen how many women struggle accessing inexpensive, good quality menstrual hygiene products, Ms Keswa recently launched her own brand of menstrual health and hygiene products, namely SABS approved sanitary pads and a menstrual pain relief gel.

The sanitary pads are available in regular size for normal to medium flow and are unscented. The gel is made with essential oils and gives pain relief of up to 6 hours. The menstrual hygiene and health product line has been achieved through a partnership with black female owned factories. Ms Keswa is a firm believer in women empowering each other in business. The sanitary pads are available at Mackson stores in Ladysmith and can also be directly purchased from LaKeswa.

She also has experience in managing and developing staff members under her supervision and ensuring they receive all training and support to perform their duties well and improve their overall productivity. LaKeswa has for the past 3 years hosted learners and interns through the Manufacturing and Engineering SETA’s (merSETA) New Venture Creation learnership for learners living with disabilities. LaKeswa is currently host employer to graduates through the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition’s Itukise Internship Progamme. The internship runs for a period of 12 months.

LaKeswa offers CV and interview skills workshops for unemployed youth in her community, this is an initiative that started in 2017 and continues to date. Due to the Corona Virus the workshops are on hold but LaKeswa continues to provide youth with vacancy, learnership and internship opportunities on their NPO’s page on Facebook.

For further enquiries or to place orders, LaKeswa can be reached on or +2761 527 5445

Social Media, 

Twitter and Instagram: @LaKeswa_Pads

LinkedIn: Nontokozo Keswa

Twitter: @LaKeswa

Facebook: Nontokozo Keswa

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