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After diamonds, the Samsung S22 is definitely a girl’s best friend

By: Alexis Tshangana

When it comes to leading a happy life, apart from a good night’s rest, my favorite perfume and lip-gloss – a cell phone that keeps up with my busy lifestyle is an absolute must.

So, you can imagine my excitement when the Samsung S22 was delivered to my doorsteps. All I can say is, this phone is truly the girl she thinks she thinks she is.

With my phone always glued to my hand most times, technology has become a huge part of my busy life. I have an app for everything, dating (don’t judge), money app, my health and career goals tracker and of course all my favourite stores shopping app. 

Samsung’s latest version of the Galaxy S22 brings with it the latest processor, screen, and camera. With a 6.1-inch display, this dynamite device will make you stand out from the rest and with the phantom white colour oozing sophistication and a timeless sleek design. This phone takes epic to a new level.

The first Galaxy S with a built-in S Pen works wonders for my on-the-go lifestyle and meetings in the Uber for quick notes with every pen stroke feeling as natural as ink on paper — and this is a lot coming from a journalist like myself because nothing comes close to converting quick written ideas into legible text.

One might argue that all cell phones are the same – I beg to differ and if I still haven’t gotten you to convert, here are my top 5 favourite bits about this incredible device which I bet will have you running to a store near you:

A long-lasting battery – The most important thing to have, especially for the long days I have. Even if this phone came with a built-in arcade, it would still be useless without juice. Though there are ways to boost the battery life of any gadget, the lasting battery on this one makes a world of difference.

A quality camera – Thanks to this baby I’m the crew’s new unofficial photographer. The difference is so clear, and all those other devices don’t come close for day or night photos. A great camera is important for more than just great photos. I even use mine for other cool things, like visual searches.

Storage – Gone are the days of the memory card. Most smartphones Space is no longer a bonus or nice luxury – it’s a need. Even with the comfort of knowing I can save things to the cloud; I’m comforted by the fact that this babe can handle my crazy downloading tendencies.

Fingerprint sensor – Anyone can bypass a password by not a fingerprint, the ability to lock and unlock at the touch of a button saves me so much time – something I don’t have much of.

Speed – Speed is still the ultimate prize in the smartphone arms race. I can’t stand it when apps lag or when swiping takes an eternity so this helps a lot, especially because the faster I can get things done and the easier it becomes for me to multitask.

I like to believe that I can be hard to impress at times, but this baby right here, absolutely blew my mind. It’s definitely a gift that keeps on giving. This phone has honestly helped to do so much of what I couldn’t before.

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