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Will’s Week – Use Your ‘Will Power’ To Save Lives For Years

By Staff Writer

You don’t need to be rich or famous to leave a legacy. We all have the power to do it – it’s called “Will Power”.  

South Africa’s National Wills Week takes place next week from 26-30th October 2020, to emphasise the importance of drafting a will as part of a comprehensive estate planning process. During this week, participating attorneys will be drafting free wills nationwide.  

We encourage all our supporters to use their “Will Power” to leave a bequest to the NSRI  that helps protect those who they leave behind, and to help save lives for years to come.  

Elizabeth Miln, 97 years old from Port Alfred (PICTURED) has left a bequest to the NSRI, and says “As a mother of a son who sails offshore, I’m eternally grateful to know that NSRI are there for him and his crew.  Like many pensioners I know that I, personally, could not support NSRI financially, but a codicil left with my will meant that I can leave them something when my pension is no longer needed.   That way too, I am still a member of NSRI.”  

Every will is unique and each one tells a story of the person it belongs to, a reflection of their life, and the people, places, and causes that matter to them. It’s an expression of how we want to be remembered and a way for our values to live on into the future.  

While our rescue crew are all unpaid volunteers, on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we rely on donations, sponsorships and bequests in wills to fund our annual running costs. Through receiving donations, corporate sponsors and bequests in wills, the NSRI has been able to respond to emergency situations and save countless lives on South African waters for over 50 years.  We want to ensure our work continues into the future and we need your help.  

When you donate to the NSRI, we value your contribution and pay you respect by managing donations wisely.  

An up-to-date will, written by an attorney, even in its most basic format is the best way to ensure your wishes are followed. This privilege is called “freedom of testation”. 

There are also a number of tax benefits to leaving a bequest to a registered NGO such as the NSRI, as well as benefits for the Institute.  

–           Bequests are Tax deductible on the estate duties 

–           Every bequest and donation is accounted for in our Annual Integrated report 

–           Every gift no matter how big or small will be actively used to save a life 

In your will, you can gift an amount in cash, either a fixed amount or calculated as a percentage of your residual estate, or you can bequeath a specific asset, such as a piece of land or valuable collector’s items, or even a combination of these. This is entirely your choice, and you are entitled to attach certain conditions to such a bequest. 

Ivan and Laraine Brindley from Hillcrest in KZN have left a bequest to the NSRI. They said, “We were part of the sailing community for 40 years and in that time, we were very aware of the NSRI and reassured that they could be called on to assist. We heard many accounts of the assistance people received from NSRI when at sea. That’s why we want to leave a legacy, it’s not for us, it’s for them to save lives.”  

By leaving a gift of life in your will to the NSRI, you will continue to save lives on South African waters for years to come.   

We hope that our supporters will consider supporting the NSRI, by leaving a gift in their will, no matter how big or small. 

Should you wish to leave a gift of life in your will to the NSRI,  please contact Judy Venter on 072 678 1536 or email  

We have also drawn up a simple Codicil which you can simply attach to your will. Should you like to use a copy please download it here

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