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WOMEN’S MONTH: Women Who Are Doing Well

Apart from their traditional roles as mothers, wives’ women are now making great progress in business, politics, academic and economic careers with more and more women reaching top positions.

Month of August is National Women’s Month. This is an opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements and the important role that women of all races and religions have played and continue to play in South African society. That is why it is important to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements at every opportunity.

She says her heart lights up and her soul sings when she supports and witness people blossom, bloom and unfurl into truer, healthier, happier versions of themselves. The work she does is exceptionally personal, it involves things people hold dear to their hearts, both good, such as the dreams they wish to attain and bad, the wounds they wish to protect.

Kagiso Msimango is an energy healer, an intuitive transformation coach, a partner and mother. For two decades Kagiso Msimango has had dual careers as a Transformation Coach and as a Marketing and Brand Strategist, in the media industry. She now focuses most of her time on personal coaching and healing, but occasionally offers her branding and marketing expertise to clients seeking to birth or grow heart-centred businesses.

She founded The Goddess Academy to support, inspire, and empower women to believe in, choose and create better lives for themselves. Her aim is to liberate, support women to overcome the internal challenges which keep them from attaining their goals

She has written has written 3 books: the best-selling The Goddess Bootcamp (2012),this is more of a  personal development coaching session in book form, this guide demonstrates how women can empower themselves and achieve success.

The Goddess Mojo Bootcamp (2016), a book for women who want authentic relationships, not ones who are interested in learning how to manipulate men in order to get a ring on their finger. It’s for women who desire happy, healthy relationships in their lives, not women who are looking to a relationship to have a happy, healthy life.

 Unf*ck Yourself, Unf*ck the World (2020),a book that is filled with unique revelations to save your life.

Msimango became the first woman in Africa to become a certified Imagine a Woman (IAW) facilitator-coach, a coaching protocol designed specifically for women.

“A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself, “ says Msimango.

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