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Young, Driven And Passionate About Music – Meet Dudumah

Music has always been classified as a hobby other than an actual career. Sometimes It is difficult for young people to pursue their career in music. This is usually fueled up by society’s perception of the craft and the constant negative ideas that surround the music craft.

Meet Nosiphelo Duduma (28) – A Cape Town born musician with a soothing, electrifying and sentimental voice. She has just embarked on a new journey to pursue her solo music career in the city of gold, Johannesburg. She manly focuses on Afro soul/Jazz genre. But with her versatile vocal range, she is able to soar through all genres with her voice.

Her name “Dudumah” is derived from the surname Duduma – A Xhosa infinitive which directly translate to thunderstorm. Her Passion for music began as early as 7 years old when she was leading a song at Sunday school in church and the talent was spotted. Her singing began from that moment she sang in local choirs and performing around Cape Town. Her achievements in the music industry involves an opportunity of travelling abroad to United Kingdom in 2008 to go perform with a choir at the Salisbury International Arts Festival where she shared the stage with several International artists.

This superstar wanted to study for music fulltime after Matric. However, due to fear of parents regarding the music industry and financial stability, she ended up completing her BCOM Finance at UWC and compliance Management at UCT. She was moved to Johannesburg by her employer in September 2018 and that’s when all the magic began. She has been performing in intimate spaces around Johannesburg like Maboneng Afro Bru, New town and many more. This was then the results of her single ‘Uyakha Umntwana’ which launched on the 5th of June 2020 working alongside Sithembiso Twala who is a native Rhythms Engineer/Producer. He had a massive influence in production of music of many South African Artist such as Siphokazi, Tribute, The Soil, Camagwini, Buhlebendalo Mda and many more.

This is an artist that everyone should keep an eye on, her music speaks to the soul and within. This is what happens when you chase your dreams and passion! Well done!

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