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Your Alter Ego May Be Your Access Ticket Into The Entertainment Industry

Your Alter Ego May Be Your Access Ticket Into The Media Industry

Your ‘Alternate self’, commonly referred to as your ‘Alter-Ego’ is believed to be distinct from your normal or original personality. And finding one’s alter ego requires finding one’s other self – unearthing an alternate personality within you.

The entertainment industry is a multifaceted industry, where one has to constantly change their personas to suit a particular theme, character or ambiance. Many have tried and failed to penetrate the industry, not because they do not have talent, but because their natural personas do not fit what is needed within the industry. The trick is to allow yourself to tap into different personalities in order for you to portray a certain character and live up to a particular theme as simulated.

Many will argue the fore-mentioned and simply refer to it as “being fake” since in those regards you are not your true self. My argument in this is that, the entertainment industry was created to portray stories and scenarios, and also to recreate and birth a simulation that was once someone else’s idea or story. Basically the whole point is to ‘tel-a(e)-vision’ – someone else’s vision – and your alternate self is best fit to portray that character.

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It is rare to find people “who are” who they play on the television. Those individuals are more likely to run smoothly on projects they work on, simply because they have adapted to the industry.

It is important to understand your inner-self. Take time to examine and observe your own mental and emotional processes. Reflect and familiarize yourself with your alternate self. Be comfortable being who you are and allow yourself to adapt to situations on impulse.

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