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Youth Organization Giving Hope To The Underprivileged

It is on a daily that we as a community – especially the youth – face harsh realities of life’s disadvantages. Usually the constraints that bind us to failure, or simply the inability to succeed as the Youth of South Africa are purely enforced by the lack of resources and tools to better our lives. Our Education is at stake, our fight for survival becomes tougher by the day, leaving many young people with less hope for a brighter future. It is refreshing to learn that there are those that see problems in our society and actually take responsibility in contributing in the attempt to eradicate these issues for a better tomorrow.

Okuhle Youth Organization – OYO –Is a dynamic youth movement that seeks to improve the lives of young people by addressing issues that they are faced with on a daily basis. The organization’s core foundation is Education, Community Development, Self-Development and Self-Growth. OYO serves as a support structure to young people who are faced with different issues, be it unemployment, living with disease or living with disabilities. OYO is an organization that is led by young people that is designed for young people, an entity that is purely driven by passion and also about the issues that affect the youth.

Chairlady at Okuhle Youth Organization

Speaking to OYO PRO, Andile Bhengu, she stated that as an organization they get involved in different areas of society in order to gain an understanding of the community we exist in. “Okuhle Youth Organization has been in action since 2014, with growth each year. In the past we’ve had successful projects such as Mandela Day soup kitchen, hospital visits, grade 12 mentorship camps, pad drive initiative and many more” she stated.

The organization focuses on many areas that affect the youth in communities:

–       The OYO pad drive initiative:  An on-going programme where Pads are collected through donations and then visit schools to distribute them.

–       They provide educational talks about issues such as personal hygiene, menstrual cycle and teenage pregnancy.

–       In June 2015, OYO partnered with the SANBS to host a blood drive campaign where the youth was encouraged to donate blood, held at the EMnambithi local youth office.

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