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Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Zodwa Beauty

Zodwa Wabantu Starts The Year On A High With Beauty Brand, ‘Zodwa Beauty’

She is no stranger to the eye, we see her everyday on our social media and TV platforms. Known for her charismatic personality and openness, Zodwa’s journey started when a video of her dancing in a club went viral and her phenomenal rise since has amazingly seen her become the 4th most Googled person in the world over the last decade. She now does shows all over the world and is particularly popular in America ,Europe and the Middle East. She describes the industry as a roller-coaster ride – where one never knows what will happen next.

Zodwa is a strong and independent woman who is an inspiration for many. Despite her huge success she has not lost site of her humble beginnings which makes makes her so relatable and appealing to her growing number of followers. Being a single mother and pushing for success has not held her back, it has inspired her and driven her. 

This was part of the inspiration for the perfume and her brand Zodwa beauty. “I wanted a brand that would empower and motivate people, and that is exactly what Zodwa Beauty does.” she said. The decision behind launching a perfume range was to strengthen the relationship with her followers. “A beauty brand is a good way of reaching out and “touching” people” she added. With her influence, Zodwa has been able to expand her brand into Africa and the rest of the world. Her following continues to grow as an indication of the success of the “Zodwa brand” and is now reaching all corners of the globe.

On the 4th December last year, she launched her perfume range – Touchable Day and Touchable Night. Since launching the perfume the team have had inquiries from all over the world which has been incredible. The name Touchable re-enforces the close link and love she has for all her fans. Having two perfumes also reflects Zodwa’s personality. The Touchable Day is fun, free and sassy where as the Touchable Night is sexy and luxurious. “The Zodwa Beauty brand is growing and I listen to what the fans want, there will be more products coming out soon all selected and developed by myself and the Zodwa beauty team.” she said.

Online is a growing platform in South Africa and Zodwa is at the forefront of this having a store online that is open 24/7. The team in the UK developed a safe and secure website that uses the highest security servers in the world, Zodwa beauty customers are protected from any fraudulent activity. The perfume can be bought at Given the rising numbers in demand internationally, the perfume is available in USA and Europe. (Please contact for help with any international orders). There are now plans to roll out the Zodwa Beauty brand into retail to satisfy to huge demand for her perfume. “I want to reach and touch everyone” she added.

Zodwa is currently filming season two of her fly on the wall documentary and that will be aired later this year. She is expanding her beauty range with Zodwa beauty and will launch a new clothing range. She also has a number of television shows and radio interviews planned in the first half of the year.

Zodwa is real, she doesn’t hide behind any masks, and that’s what people love about her! She is also really empowering to people. She loves experimenting with new and innovative beauty treatments and looking after her body.

Fun Facts On Zodwa

Did You Know…

  • Zodwa has a tattoo on her leg and the symbols mean peace, grace, kindness – she got this tattoo when she was 20.
  • Zodwa is an animal lover and has four dogs.
  • She has love for shoes and recently got high heels sent over from the UK in three different colors!
  • She enjoys swimming and listening to the latest music on the radio.
  • She enjoys visiting the township where she grew up in Soweto and has her hair done in a salon nearby.
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